GUARD SEAL To provide an economical, hard wearing surface finish to new or old, plain or coloured concrete and masonry surfaces.
To penetrate and seal the surface to prevent dusting, resist staining, reduce corrosion and generally enhance the surface appearance. The faster than normal drying characteristics of GUARDSEAL allow treated surfaces to be used earlier.

HARD-N-SEAL, is the latest development from the laboratory of ADCRETE Industries, it is a transparent crystal formulated silicate liquid solution, developed for maximum HARDENING-SEALING and DUSTPROOFING of concrete floor etc.

TRUE GRIP Formulated on 100% pure acrylic emulsions and selected reinforcing pigment to provide a non-slip, hard wearing and attractive finish of uniform colour and texture.
SUPER M PATCHING The bonding of new concrete to old concrete or other sound surfaces can be efficiently achieved by the use of SUPER M. SUPER M can be used for the repairing of concrete floors, spalled concrete, bedding tiles, waterproofing, lining of tanks, chemical and abrasion resistant floors. Wall rendering, Floor screeds and general concrete repairs, SUPER M excels.
RESURFACER Resurfacer Black makes new, aged or worn asphalt new. Protects existing asphalt against further U.V. degradation. The application of Resurfacer Black over open or porous asphalt will seal the surface to provide a tough wear and weather resistant surface that preserves pavements and protects financial investments.

COLORPAVE has been specifically formulated to protect and beautify asphalt pavement surfaces, including roadways, pavements, driveways, parking lots, airports and recreational areas. Generally anywhere conventional asphalt surfaces are used.

AQUATUFF Suitable for application over most substrates including concrete, asphalt, timber, brick, etc.  Warehouse and commercial floors.  Car parks. Sports finishes ie. timber and cushion based floors.  Floors and walls in food processing areas.
EPOXY B Can be used as supplied or blended with selected fillers for surface repairs, as a primer, as a filler around starter bars and bolt fixings or as a high build heavy duty, chemical resistant flooring surface.
EPOXY R Long lasting and easily maintained with good resistance to many industrial chemicals. Slip resistance improves safety for plant and personnel. Certified ‘non-taint’ around food stuffs during and after installation. Provides an attractive satin finish.


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