Professional quality surfaces for competitive environments

Experience excellence in sporting surface solutions with our innovative Sporting Surface Systems. Designed to elevate performance and safety, these cutting-edge products are engineered for athletes and sports enthusiasts alike. These specialised solutions offer a host of benefits, such as enhanced durability, shock absorption, and quality scuff resistance for your sporting facility.



RESURFACER is a conditioning compound manufactured from 100% acrylic resins fortified with specially selected reinforcing fibres, powders and aggregate fillers. Resurfacer is supplied in a concentrated liquid form, allowing economical extending on site with sand and water. The compound is cement-compatible and asbestos-free.

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PLAYPAVE Sporting Surface Solution provides a highly durable, all-weather sporting surface with excellent abrasion resistance and uniform texture.

Manufactured from selected premium 100% acrylic resins, light stable oxide pigments, and proven reinforcing powders, it assures maximum U.V. resistance to provide years of non-fade life.

The specialised resins used in the production of Playpave provide excellent scuff resistance in both wet and dry conditions. The Playpave surface system for asphalt bases comprises one or more layers of Resurfacer blend. Followed by two applications of Playpave.

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SEALER A is a high-quality, two-part, water-based epoxy primer. Sealer-A remains tacky for a considerable time, allowing a chemical bond reaction with the next coat once crosslinked and cured.

To provide optimum bonding to concrete surfaces. It provides excellent adhesion to the concrete surface and to the subsequent coatings to be applied. Also suitable for asphalt, plywood, composite boards, etc. Particularly suitable on dense concrete where adhesion is a concern.

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